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JSH - High Quality Hemp Matchmaking Made Simple

Become a stakeholder in our success. We are excited to be listed on the Block Exchange (BEX), a leading digital asset exchange that facilitates our share trading. During the IBO Offering we make our shares exclusively available for you to purchase at IBO discountsRegistered users get access to such discounts before we start the BEX Trading of our shares. Register today. Limited time only.

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Jefferson Seasonal Holdings Ltd is a capital provider that takes low risk positions in transactional hemp deals to assist hemp producing farms and extraction labs that are sitting on inventory to move their product to market by identifying the needed supply and fulfilling such orders. Jefferson Seasonal acts as a transactional platform, generating revenue with the margin between the buyer and seller. Originated in Oregon, USA, Jefferson Seasonal has establish itself as a respected brand in the state, offering service terms that are industry unique on the US West Coast.

Competitive Advantages


Extensive Track Record

Jefferson Seasonal has a team with a 25+ year experience in the Cannabis industry and a 10+ year experience in event logistics building geodesic domes.


Buying Selling Expertise

There is major knowledge differential in the industry. Jefferson Seasonal has a vast market experience and understands what is sellable hemp product and what is in demand.


Positioned in the Market

The Jefferson Group has spent four years in the epicenter of production and established the relationships needed to execute high volume and velocity transactions.


Respected in the Industry

The Jefferson Group is the largest scale drying facility operator in US Southern Oregon and brings a level of respect in the industry that can not otherwise be gained.


Recognized as a Brand

The Jefferson Group of businesses has been the only business branding in the wholesaler / service provider segment of the market in US Southern Oregon for four years.


Collective Team Expertise

Over the years in the market the executives of the Jefferson Group have identified the people who can be counted on for results, both in its network and on its payroll.


Existing Buyers

Jefferson Seasonal understands that without buyers, the game for producers is over. With capital and buyers, there is endless opportunities to capitalize on.


Larger Margins

The Jefferson Group maintain limited operating costs allowing to realize larger margins of returns for all parties involved, giving a competitive edge in the market.



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Trevor Hill



Built Centerpiece for Singapore’s G-50 Event

December 2015: The Jefferson Group provided and constructed 4 domes in Gardens by the Bay where 8,000 people/day came to see an exhibit of the last and next 50 years of Singapore’s history.

Thriving in New Industry

2016-2019: The cannabis and hemp market has been a treacherous new industry to navigate. With ever changing regulations and market dynamics, the Jefferson Group has managed to not only hold position but expand continuously.

National Distribution Network

2018: The Jefferson Group has established working relationships in Florida, Georgia, California, Colorado, Arizona, New York and Oklahoma with an large demand for high quality flower and hemp products.

Infrastructure and Build Out

August 2019: The Jefferson Group has secured more infrastructure than anyone in the industry within Oregon, Washington and Northern California and completed build outs within months to be ready for the upcoming harvest season.

Built Up of 150+ Employees

USD 3 Million Revenue in 10 Months

August 2019: The Jefferson Group went from empty buildings and a skeleton crew to fully operational businesses with ¼ million square feet of facility under management and 150+ employees on payroll and producing results in 8 weeks.

August 2019: The Jefferson Group produced 3 million in revenue in under 10 months.

240,000 Pounds in 4 Months

September-December 2019: Jefferson Group dried 240,000 pounds of smokable hemp flower. This was the largest operation dedicated to the highest value market segment in hemp.

Expansion with Jefferson Seasonal Holdings Ltd

June 2019: Jefferson Seasonal Holdings Ltd is incorporated in the United Kingdom to become a centerpiece of the Jefferson Group to advance their business model.

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