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World's First Authentic Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee

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OMNI no background

Omni Bev is the first authentic Vietnamese cold brew company and is positioning itself to become the market leader for Vietnamese cold brew coffee made with premium arabica beans. Omni’s mission is to innovate and transcend Asian-inspired beverages by elevating the quality and developing cleaner, healthier products in the fast-growing beverage categories of Plant-Based, Nitro, Clean Energy, and CBD.

Competitive Advantages


First-of-its-Kind Beverage

Combining strong Vietnamese coffee with sweetened coconut milk to deliver a rich, toasted coconut coffee is the first of its kind in the growing plant-based market.


CBD Active Cannabidiol

One of the first confirmed products with active cannabidiol using water soluble Hemp extract. It enables to batching of up to 100,000 bottles with dosage consistency.


Direct Sourcing of Coffee

Omni Bev sources its coffee from its family farm in Da Lat, Vietnam. Direct sourcing and importing of its bean allows Omni to ultimately control its costs to be competitive.


Supply Chain Integration

Omni began phase 1 of supply chain integration by manufacturing its own coconut milk products to relieve dependency on ingredients manufactured by another company.


Clean Energy Beverage

"Clean energy" comes from natural ingredients that are minimally combined with other natural ingredients. Cold brew coffee is known as a clean energy source.



Onmi’s WAKE-N-GO coffee shots include performance-enhancing substances using natural herbs, vitamins, minerals, nootropics, amino acids, or raw fruit or vegetables.


Attractive Shelf Life

The Omni Bev family of coffee beverage products have a long shelf life of over 6 months, making it ideal for grocery chains to carry the various product.


Fastest Growing Markets

Omni Bev is the ONLY Vietnamese cold brew company with a product in all four fastest growing beverage categories (plant-based, cbd, all-energy, nitro cold brew).



Tammy Huynh

Co-Founder & CEO


Weston Le

Co-Founder & COO


Leighton J. Smith



Tony Lam

Co-Founder & CFO


The first Nitro Vietnamese Cold Brew on Tap (Kegerator Program)

08/2019: Developed the first kegerator program of our Nitro Vietnamese Cold Brew to be sold in cafes, corporate offices, and restaurants

First CBD Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee

10/2019: Developed the first CBD Vietnamese cold brew. This allowed Omni Bev to enter one of the fastest growing beverage categories in the market.

American Packaging Design Award

03/2020: Omni Bev is a recipient of the American Package design award for the Omni Bev brand.

200 Facebook Micro Kitchens

03/2020: Omni Bev is being requested by Facebook employees to be carried at Facebook Campus. There are 200 micro kitchens at Facebook. Employees would be able to drink the product for free every day.

First Clean Energy Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee

First Plant-Based Vietnamese Coconut Cold Brew Coffee

04/2020: Developed the first clean-energy Vietnamese cold brew shots. This allowed Omni Bev to enter one of the fastest growing beverage categories in the market.

04/2020: Developed the first plant-based Vietnamese cold brew with coconut milk. This allowed Omni Bev to enter a market targeted towards consumers who wanted a vegan and non-dairy product.

Signed Pilot Program with BurgerIm (250 Locations)

04/2020: BurgerIm approved Omni Bev’s product to be piloted in three of their locations. If sale targets are met, Omni Bev would be rolled out to all 250 locations.

Onboarded TikTok in Los Angeles and Mountain View Offices

04/2020: TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media companies in the world. Omni Bev are carried at their LA and Mountain View offices since May.

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