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Skywriter - An Autopilot For Your Content

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Skywriter Systems Inc. is a software and technology company that provides a content operations system for distributed files, videos, documents, SaaS apps, covering activity of email, social media, web pages, and content portals, with analytics. Skywriter provides a cost-efficient distributed content operations software as a service through monthly and annual subscriptions, so publishers have one easy app to identify, locate, organize, share, distribute, and track multiple types of content from multiple sources then publish them across multiple platforms simultaneously.

Competitive Advantages


Automating Content Management

Skywriter’s solution allows digital content of all types to be organized, shared, distributed, and tracked. This unique “meta” function means that the right content can get to the right people at the right time with minimal cost and effort. This increases the speed of business and productivity of workforces.


Including Files, Videos, Documents, SaaS Apps

Find it, get it, publish it, track it. Skywriter is a simple to use content management system that is designed for a world, where what you need can be in the cloud, on a network drive, on the web, and almost anywhere else. Skywriter content can be anything, including files, videos, documents, SaaS apps.


For Email, Social Media, Web Page Activities

Skywriter provides a universal view of content distribution, usage, and activity. It covers a wide range of activities that includes email, social media, web pages, and content portals. Skywriter provides also detailed analytics that goes far beyond the base level that Google Analytics provides.


Keeping Published Content Up-To-Date

Skywriter links original documents with published ones. It checks each content asset to ensure that the reference is still valid. This is important for references to external content and SaaS apps. If for any reason a problem is encountered, an email notice is sent to the author of that particular content asset.


Enabling to Monetize and Monitor Content

Skywriter acts as a publisher that easily creates sub-accounts that can be monitored, tracked, and monetized through re-use of original content. Ideal for digital publishing companies, who depend on revenues from affiliates, and vital in insurance and training, where delivery and use of content needs to be assured.


Bringing Cost Efficiencies To Any User

Skywriter offers an automated system that creates all necessary data structures, privileges, and properties in a shared Amazon Web Services compute and storage environment. The key advantages are massively decreased cost of on-going operation (servers and storage) and zero touch creation of new client instances.


Providing A Modern Single Page Application

Skywriter is a modern single page microservice-based application (SPA) that allow to securely and cost effectively operate solutions in the Amazon Web Service Cloud. A single-page application provides the best user experience, works in the browser and requires no page reloads. Both Facebook and Trello are examples of SPAs.


No Updates Required With Skywriter

Skywriter does not need to be updated since content is downloaded automatically. Skywriter was built on cloud native tools and leverages automation that allows for unlimited scalability and cost management.



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Formation / Acquisition

4/2018: Formed as a Delaware C-Corp, with key domain for its brand Skywriter.com, and acquired certain customers, assets, and intellectual property

Content Store and Reference Function

6/2019: Completed implementation of key data organization and reference function. This allows Skywriter to automatically distribute internal storage, domain references, and content relationships across thousands of different accounts within a single cloud server image. This is key for scale out at lowest possible cost. It includes key trade secret algorithms and methods.

Early Customer Release

10/2019: Completed initial working services based UI/UX allowing early customers to load, organize, and distribute content through the system. Multiple early clients used this system successfully and provided user feedback across insurance, marketing, and training market segments. Customer feedback from US and UK companies

General Availability Release

4/2020: Completed UI/UX design based on Skywriter design and broad early customer feedback. This release has full function with scalable architecture for added AI/machine learning extensions for content search, categorization, and content grading. Supports all types of digital content, stored internally or referenced externally, that can be delivered and tracked over email, social media, portal or web. Release supports distributed instances with shared content from the original instance

Subscriptions / Revenue

Outsider Funding

5/2020: Standard subscription pricing is USD $1,000 /month. As of May 2020, Skywriter has several active paid subscriptions and a larger number of active trials and evaluations that are expected to convert to paid subscriptions.

5/2020: Skywriter is a closely held company, largely funded by the founders, but the company has received USD $175,000 from non-founder / non-employees.

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: Dec 07, 2020

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